Setup Cypress coverage on typescript Next.js 12

Create coverage test results
By: Dániel Sipos on

To set up Cypress for a Next.js project, you can follow these steps:

Install Cypress using npm:

npm install --save-dev cypress

Initialize Cypress by running the following command:

npx cypress init

Modify the package.json file to add a script for running Cypress tests:

"scripts": {
  "cypress:open": "cypress open",
  "cypress:run": "cypress run"

In your Next.js server.js file, add the following code to start the server in development mode when running Cypress tests:

if (process.env.CYPRESS_ENV === 'development') {

Create a test file in the cypress/integration directory. For example, you could create a file called test.js with the following content:

describe('My test', () => {
  it('visits the homepage', () => {

Run the Cypress test runner using the following command:

npm run cypress:open

This will open the Cypress test runner, where you can view and run your tests.

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